Galina Svirina

UI/UX Design

Galina Svirina — an english teacher who really knows how to reach the C2 language level.

Clear and thoughtful approach to education


The task was to create a thoughtful website, which would reflect the teacher’s personality and expertise in unique way.

The goal was to show Galina's solid expertise, yet at the same time to highlight easy pitching, honesty and transparency

"I'm looking for a sleek, modern, and professional website that not only catches the eye but also encourages customers to contact me"

© Galina Svirina

We drew inspiration from vintage magazines and book aesthetics for the design, aiming to showcase Galina’s passion for lifelong learning and her extensive educational background.

It was important to retain her own identity and personal associations so we could get more loyal clients

We decided to create open, honest and caring communication with users

Some screens include hand-drawn captions transferred to the layout.

They bring a touch of warmth and craftsmanship to tone down the seriousness and strictness, giving the site a handmade feel. This adds character and a unique flair, elevating the website to a whole new level of distinctiveness.

We’ve crafted a design that’s not only easy to navigate but also visually appealing, capturing Galina’s caring approach and deep love for every student. The flexible design is well-suited for scaling the website to accommodate upcoming projects.

© Galina Svirina

"West Avenue can be showcased in textbooks on how to be with clients: how to make them part of the creative process without overbearing them with anything, yet allowing them to feel heard.
I couldn’t have made a better choice with an agency for my website …"