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Website-portfolio for Jean Remi Barbier, French emerging artist based in New York
UI/UX Design
Americas Team Meeting Graphic design within Exclamation Group On & Offline event organization

Remy Cointreau

Event logo
Digital package
UI Design
Go-to-market Hospitality Company based in NYC

BWB Hospitality

Doctor Ustimchik

Aesthetic medicine specialist & online cosmetics store
We beleive perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take away

We create pure & minimal design with usability at its core for business & creative industries

Featured in British Vogue

with our Wedding Websites project

UI/UX Design

Website design

We build the website structure based on business goals and competitive analysis and combine it with visual clarity and consistency in every element of the user interface design

No code development

Simple & elegant solution suitable for a large variety of projects including E-Commerce: quick implementation and easy management afterwards (Tilda, Webflow and Shopify)

Custom development

Suitable for unique technically complex projects and flexible implementation of nearly unlimited functionality and visual effects with no compromise

By all means: process, communication, design, development. Good design is invisible design

Minimalist & clear

In love with Swiss design classics: functionality, elegance, adaptability and durability

Modern yet timeless
Processes are built in a way to ensure effective communication with clients in any time zones
Available worldwide
We do our best at being
We definitely are influenced by trends but we beleive, the key is not to feel pressured by them
Inspired but not bound by trends

Founder & Designer

How much
Every project is different. We gave up on pricing the “typical website” packages as every signle one is different: business needs can vary significantly. Thus, a quote is shared after an initial call to get to know each other and to talk the task through
Approaching each project as if it was our own
In love with
We begin by asking tons of questions (since no one knows your project better than you do) and thorough research to find a perfect solution
Clear communication
Swiss design
Project launch days
Research, UX, Structure, Content
Discovery & Evaluation
More details?
Deadlines & efficiency
Partners, not clients
Let’s create something beautiful
Currently in Ghent, Belgium
From summer 2023 – in Basel, Switzerland

Or reach us from anywhere: info@westavenuepaper.com
+32 468 46 17 74
By texting us you always contact Ksenia, West Avenue founder and designer.

Ksenia is moving around the world and would be very much happy to meet you in person for a cup of coffee or / and project discussion.