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Jean Remi Barbier – Emerging French artist based in New York

Inspired by neo-pop, abstract expressionism and street art


The task was to create a classy & minimal website that would frame, showcase and promote the artwork of J-Art

The goal was to show legitimity and confidence by keeping the interface simple, visual, sophisticated and easy to navigate from any device.

At the same time it was important to make the website stand out from the crowd of almost identical minimal layouts

“Since the website is about me as an artist, I want the website to convey my personality and my emotions as you were meeting me: charismatic, outgoing, friendly, ...”

© Jean Remi Barbier

Nothing should distract the attention from the name (to remember) and the works of art themselves

The tone of voice was chosen the way to emphasize the character: charismatic, unusual and open

Two color themes: white and deep grey.
We couldn't resist the dark mode, so here it is!

Some bright blue accents (from the Fine Art Print) to highlight the clickable elements (burger icon, menu items, contacts)

As the artworks are pretty bold indeed, we tried to convey this with discreet but confident fonts, slightly weird composition within the simple grid (at the same time it’s symmetrical yet dynamic and open, flexible yet minimal).

10 countries reached

First artwork sold + new inquiries

Made it official as an artist

3 pieces are now in consignment in Miami and New York

Established credibility in the existing network and developed the new one within the art community

© Jean Remi Barbier

“I am extremely satisfied and got tremendous positive feedback”